Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ!? (Proof)

Navel Bars


  1. screw you! it is not! and there are HUNDREDS OF THOUHSANDS of christians that will back me up! so two words for you: SHUT.......UP!

  2. im a christian and this is BS in hebrew there are many differant words for differant things and if he was the anti-christ we would no by now!!!

  3. IF THIS IS REAL.....

    So...? Does it matter? As long as it isn't affecting what he does to run this country, I could care less.

    IF THIS IS FAKE.....

    The person who made this is a pee-brain.

  4. If you want to set a good Christian example, saying Screw you and just saying SHUT UP, won't help anyone. I'm a christian too, and I believe that the Bible is fact, but with responses like that, no one else is going to believe...

    I think someone just wants Obama to be the anti-christ. Anyone could have made this up. And they took two different verses from different places so they're trying to make him look bad.

    I'm not Obama's biggest fan. Definitely didn't vote for him, but I just thought I'd comment and say that if you're going to talk like that to non-believers there's no way they're gonna become believers.

    If they don't believe the bible, they look towards the people who are representing it.